Jan Becher Museum

The museum itself is located right in the heart of Steinberky where the original Becherovka factory has presided for 100 years. The factory, from which the famous liqueur has been transported across the world since it's creation, was built in 1867 by Jan Becher (originally written as Johann). Jan Becher Museum attracts thousands of Becherovka fans annually. Visitors are charmed by the legacy of Becherovka and want to get a peek into its colorful, remarkable yet troubled history, unique production and secrets surrounding its famed recipe. From the times of its founder, the building of today's museum has undergone several changes. In fact, the actual process of liquer making and modernization of methods have caused the fragrant drink to seep underneath many of the houses surrounding the museum. The visitor also has the chance to see the original glass distribution of the liquer, which was connected to the dungeons. Other haunts include the stone vaults of the ceilings within the dungeons, where one can discover old barrels and the curves form of old glass bottles with yellowing paper labels.
Opening hours
Tuesday - Sunday
9:00 – 17:00
T. G. Masaryka 282/57
Language of the tour
Czech, English, German,

Ticket price

120 CZK
Students, disabled people
60 CZK
Kids up to 18 years old
30 CZK
Family package (2+2)
240 CZK


At the end of the tour, you can visit the museum shop and purchase Becherovka or any other bottle from the company's wide range of products. Most of the souvenirs directly feature Becherovka, such as an expedition book "The secret of a thirteen spring," exclusively made for the 200th anniversary. These items are exclusively available here.
Opening hours
10:00 – 18:00
T. G. Masaryka 282/57
+420 359 578 183


The modern factory, which meets the increasing demand for Becherovka, was built in the Karlovy Vary, district of Bohatice in less than a year of construction work. The loading room, equipped with the latest technology, has been able to move the production of traditional liqueur from the city center and it increased the factory capacity by 40%. Already in September 2010, the first bottles of Becherovka came out of a new factory gate. Do you want to find out exactly how we mix the secret mixture of herbs? Which chemical processes are taking place in the creation of Becherovka? Do you want to know a person who knows the unique recipe? We have decided to open our factory for you and to reveal the secrets behind the Czech legend. Come visit us to Karlovy Vary and let's go through the process together, from the first drop of alcohol all the way to putting up the label.
Times of the tours
Every Tuesday
from 9:00, 11:00 and 13:00
T. G. Masaryka 282/57


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