About Becherovka


High quality herbal liqueur
Becherovka is a proud product of the Czech Republic and a part of the national heritage. Becherovka’s timeless taste is based on a secret recipe that has remained unchanged since 1807 - a balanced mix of approximately 20 herbs, spices and orange oil, pure water from the Bohemian region, high-quality spirit including wine distillate and sugar. It does not contain any artificial ingredients, colourants or preservatives.
Exceptional quality, craftsmanship and rich history of Becherovka dating back to early 19th century make the product truly special. Enjoy the unique taste and aroma of the legendary Czech liqueur! It is perfect neat as a digestif, which you will appreciate after a good meal, or as an ingredient in different cocktails.
High quality herbal liqueur



1. Composition

The process begins with 20 kinds of herbs, hand selected according to the secret recipe. These herbs go from jute bags to tank containers where spirit is poured over them. Proceeding this, the concoction goes through a heated macerating process, in which the prodcut is softened. Finally, the mixture is left to cool.

2. Recipe

The exact recipe is known by only two people in the world. Because the method in producing Becherovka calls for the mixture to be mixed thoroughly, slight deviations occur in the final product. Despite this, the integrity of the drink is never compromised.

3. Digestion

The herb mixture is placed into tanks, where it’s poured over with spirit. Here a process known as digestion occurs where the herbs are macerated in a heating method, and are afterwards left to cool.

4. Maturation

The freshly produced leaven, or digest, goes to stirring tubs, where the spirit, sugar fusion, water and other ingredients are added. The semi-product is then left in the tubs where it matures over the course of several weeks.

5. Freezing

The matured concentrate is combined with the last remaining ingredients and then filtered twice that gives Becherovka its clarity. The product is then refrigerated, where it acquires form.

6. Racking

Before Becherovka is decanted into bottles, it undergoes a uniform laboratory evaluation. If the look, scent, and the label’s quality is up to standards, nothing stands in the way of the final step: worldwide distribution.