Beton Original
Endless classic
This version has been considered a Classic from it's inception in 1967, when it suprised everyone at EXPO Montreal. Today, it has retained this same effect on all those who first try it. The ability to surprise is at the core of Becherovka's vision. Ideal for hot summer days.
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B - celebration
Celebrate 200 years of Becherovka
The author, Ales Puta from Hemingway bar, made a celebration drink with everything that such an anniversary deserves.
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Bohemian bartenders' tip
A cocktail made by J.G. Nemec - a global ambassador of Becherovka Original.
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Hot Becherovka
Suprisingly simple experience
To prepare a hot Becherovka is very simple. It's possible you will be surprised what a great thing you just made.
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